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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions answered

Here you can find all the most common User’s questions answered by our team.

How to book, where to come, what to bring, where to go, how to arrange bike delivery, and so on.

If you have any more doubts, dilemmas, vagueness or you just don’t see your questions answered please feel free to contact us.

We’ll do our best to answer you shortly and of course clearly.

How do I book a motorbike?

Fill up our simple inquiry form. Select the date, motorbike, and desired accessories. We’ll get back to you shortly.

We will check availability and let you know if the required motorbike is available at the desired time.

If the requested motorbike is available at the requested time, you pay 20% to confirm the reservation, the rest at the handover of the motorbike.

Are helmets mandatory?


You can bring your helmet and additional equipment or rent it from us.

Do you rent helmets and other protective equipment?

Yes. All our accessories are available at an additional cost.

What if I damage the motorbike?

All motorbikes are fully insured.

So, in the worst-case scenario (the complete destruction of the motorbike), your maximum cost is a paid deposit. The deposit varies from motorbike to motorbike and ranges from 900 to 1500 €.

In the case of minor damages, which is determined during the return of the motorbike by a joint inspection, the damage cost will be deducted from the deposit or paid on the spot.

It is important to note that we do our best to keep these costs to a minimum if they occur. If the minimal scratch can be easily repaired, we will do it. We are also motorcyclists and treat our guests the way we would like to be treated.

Where can I travel with a motorbike?

You can ride a motorbike wherever you want, on all paved roads.

Can I cross the border?

Our insurance also includes countries outside the EU, so you are free to cross borders and drive to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Northern Macedonia…

Where do I have to pick up (hand over) the motorbike?

We deliver the motorbike to your desired address.

We are located in Split and we will deliver the motorbike free of charge anywhere in Split or the surrounding area. Just let us know where you want us to bring it.

If it is necessary to deliver the motorbike somewhere else, eg Sibenik, Zadar, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Zagreb… We will organize it with a surcharge defined by our price list.

Can I pick up a motorbike in one city and hand it over in another city?

Yes, of course.

We arrange bike delivery / bike pick-up for a surcharge according to our official price list.

Can I leave my belongings (luggage or similar) while traveling with a motorbike?

Of course. We’ll keep your excess stuff you don’t need for free.

What if my motorbike breaks down on the way?

Such situations are extremely rare because we regularly inspect and service each motorbike. Prior to handover, each motorbike undergoes our inspection and will not be rented unless it is in technically correct condition. However, if such a situation occurs, we are at our disposal 24 hours a day. We will assist and help with any unwanted situation. If a fault is found that cannot be resolved on the spot, if a spare motorbike is available, we will bring it at our own expense and replace it. If not, you will get a full refund of paid and unused days of motorbike.

Do I need an International driver's license?

By law, an international driver’s license is required for all non-EU citizens. You can ask for an International driving license at your local traffic police station or similar.

What is the permissible blood alcohol level in Croatia?


We strongly recommend that you do not drink if you plan to ride a motorcycle.

What if I still can’t come and I’ve already paid the rent?

If you are unable to come due to force majeure or government restrictions, we will refund your full payment.

If you cannot come in case of personal reasons, we can postpone the reservation and arrange a new date.

If this is not possible, 20% of the payment (booking confirmation) is non-refundable, the rest is refundable (for cancellations made more than 7 days prior to booked date).

Here is our complete Cancellation Policy.

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