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Croatia Moto Adventure - Terms and Conditions

Croatia Moto Adventure (CMA) is a marketing name, a brand of legal entity: Apex Quest, Ltd. OIB:37965685026, HQ address: Sizgoriceva 7, Split, Croatia. Office address: Šibenska 7, Split, Croatia. Contact: mobile +385 91 5924767, email: info@rentamotorcyclecroatia.com, online: www.rentamotorcyclecroatia.com and all rights and obligations from the Rental Agreement relate to the stated company. These terms and conditions are obligatory and inseparable parts of the Rental agreement.

User (or: Vehicle renter, motorcycle driver, rider) is the responsible person, signatory, stated on the Rental Contract. A rental contract is an agreement between the Allaboard (Croatia Moto Adventure) and the User that defines rental dates, terms, prices, vehicle/s, and additional services.

With the User’s signature, or/and reservation prepayment, the User accepts these Rental Terms and Conditions as part of the binding contract between Croatia Moto Adventure and the User, the vehicle renter. Croatia Moto Adventure cannot accept any vehicle renter without a signed Rental Terms and Conditions contract.

The vehicle renter will have the vehicle for the rental period specified in the rental contract. If the vehicle renter does not return the vehicle on time, he/she is breaching the conditions of the rental contract. Croatia Moto Adventure reserves the right to charge a daily rental rate if the vehicle is returned 1 hour later than agreed on the rental contract.

5.1. The daily rental rate is calculated on a 24-hour basis. The daily mileage limit is 350 kilometers (km), and every extra km costs: 0,20€. For rentals of a minimum of 7 days (or more), there is no daily mileage limit. The rental rate includes also: Third-party liability insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance, Taxes & insurance included (damage and theft insurance), 24hr support service.

5.2. The vehicle renter shall assume all fuel and oil costs. If the vehicle is returned without the required amount of fuel as noted in the rental contract, the vehicle renter shall be charged a €30 administration fee.

5.3. The rental includes normal tire wear and tear. The rental does not cover abusive tire treatment by the vehicle renter. Tire punctures and the resulting costs are the responsibility of the vehicle renter.

5.4. Rental rates quoted by Croatia Moto Adventure on www.rentamotorcyclecroatia.com or printed materials are those in effect at the time of writing. Croatia Moto Adventure shall communicate any rental rate increase at least 20 days prior to the rental.

6.1. All vehicle renters must have a valid credit card with the ability to cover the rental cost and damage deposit at the time of collection of the vehicle.

6.2. Vehicle renters are responsible for the cost of any damage to the bike while it is in their care unless the damage has been caused by an identified third party.

7.1. For any vehicle reservation, a reservation deposit is required at the time of booking. The reservation deposit is 30% of the rental cost and secures the vehicle. The reservation deposit is due 30 days before the rental starts. If the reservation deposit is not received 30 days before the rental starts, CMA reserves the right to treat this reservation as canceled and charge a cancellation fee – see Section 16.

7.2. The model of the motorcycle will be as defined in the rental contract. The pictures and descriptions of the motorcycles on www.rentamotorcyclecroatia.com and any printed material issued by Croatia Moto Adventure are representative of the available vehicles but are not necessarily the specific vehicles. Croatia Moto Adventure reserves the right to correct online and printing errors at any time.

7.3. Croatia Moto Adventure strives to ensure that vehicle renters ride the motorcycle, which has been confirmed. Unfortunately, unexpected and uncontrollable situations can arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle. This includes, but is not limited to mechanical failure, collision damage, and theft. If such a situation arises before rental, the vehicle renter will be provided with a refund or comparable replacement motorcycle.

7.4. In the event that demand for rental vehicles outstrips supply, Croatia Moto Adventure may propose to the vehicle renter to transfer the agreement to another contractual party. If the vehicle renter agrees, the first contract will be terminated and the vehicle renter will enter into a new agreement with a said third party. If the vehicle renter refuses, and Croatia Moto Adventure withdraws from the contract, rules relating to the withdrawal of the contract shall apply.

8.1. The vehicle renter and Croatia Moto Adventure will jointly check the condition of the vehicle and tires before signing the rental contract. Having accepted the condition of the vehicle and tires, the vehicle renter cannot make Croatia Moto Adventure liable for any damages resulting from a tire puncture.

8.2. The vehicle renter agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition, both in terms of its working condition and its overall appearance.

9.1. Vehicle renter, every motorcycle driver needs to be at least 24 years old and have a valid “A category” motorcycling driving license at least for 2 years.

9.2. The vehicle renter must always protect the vehicle against bad weather, which can cause damage.

9.3. The vehicle renter must make sure to use the correct fuel and engine oil for the vehicle.

9.4. The vehicle renter must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts.

9.5. The vehicle renter must let Croatia Moto Adventure know without delay and no later than 24 hours when he/she becomes aware of a fault in the vehicle. The vehicle shall be brought to Croatia Moto Adventure in Split, Croatia for any adjustments or repairs and any regularly scheduled servicing of the vehicle. The vehicle renter must not let anyone work on the vehicle without the permission of Croatia Moto Adventure. If Croatia Moto Adventure gives the vehicle renter permission, Croatia Moto Adventure will only give the vehicle renter a refund if the vehicle renter has a valid receipt for the work. Failure to comply shall engage the responsibility of the vehicle renter for any expenses required to repair the vehicle or bring the vehicle into compliance with legal regulations.

9.6. For rental periods over a week or 2000km, the vehicle renter shall conduct basic checks every 500km (i.e. oil & coolant level, tire pressure, chain tension & grease).

9.7. The vehicle renter must comply with passport, visa, driving, and health regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance.

9.8. The vehicle renter must comply with national traffic laws and regulations.

9.9. To avoid theft, the vehicle renter must look after the vehicle and the keys to the vehicle at all times. The vehicle renter shall leave the vehicle only in secured parking areas and must use all security devices fitted to and supplied with the vehicle.

10.1.Croatia Moto Adventure will have maintained the vehicle to at least the manufacturer’s recommended standard. Croatia Moto Adventure assures the vehicle renter that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition and suitable for renting at the start of the rental period. Vehicle renter by taking the motorcycle confirms the vehicle is roadworthy and from that moment all responsibilities are on the renter/rider.
10.2. Croatia Moto Adventure is not responsible for any injuries (and death) of drivers and passengers as a result of riding a rented motorcycle, and no compensation can be claimed in that case. Full responsibility rests with the rider and he bears all the consequences by himself.

11.1. Croatia Moto Adventure will charge the vehicle renter the total rental charge before the start of the rental period. Upon hand-over of the vehicle, Croatia Moto Adventure will ask for authority from the vehicle renter’s credit card issuing company for the damage deposit.

11.2. If the vehicle is returned undamaged and no damage has been caused to anybody else’s property whilst renting the vehicle, the damage deposit will not be charged to the vehicle renter’s credit card.

11.3. If the vehicle is returned damaged or with parts missing, the damage deposit shall be forfeited in part or in whole by the vehicle renter. In addition, a €50 administration charge applies to all damages or missing parts.

11.4. The vehicle renter agrees to pay Croatia Moto Adventure the following:

– The rental and any other charges Croatia Moto Adventure works out according to this contract.

– The amount of any loss or damage resulting from the vehicle renter not keeping to his/her responsibilities.

– All fines and court costs for parking, traffic, or other offenses. The vehicle renter must pay the appropriate authority any fines and costs if and when the authority demands this payment. In addition, a €20 administration fee applies.

– The full cost of cleaning the vehicle (€30) if it needs more than the standard cleaning when the vehicle renter returns it.

– All legal fees or court costs incurred by Croatia Moto Adventure in the collection of these charges.

12.1. All rented vehicles are insured third party, fire, and theft with an individual insurance excess according to the motorcycle.

12.2. Croatia Moto Adventure requires that all vehicle renters be covered by an adequate personal, accident, and medical insurance valid in Croatia, and European Union, and other countries where the User is planning to ride.

12.3. When riding Croatia Moto Adventure motorcycles, vehicle renters must wear a suitable helmet. For the vehicle renter’s safety, Croatia Moto Adventure strongly recommends that suitable clothing such as motorcycle jackets, trousers, leathers, gloves, boots, etc. are worn. Croatia Moto Adventure is not liable for any damages arising from the acts of the vehicle renter which might result in injury, death, or other damage to the vehicle renter, his property, his family, heirs or assigns.

13.1. All vehicle renters must be 24 years or older, have had a full and valid motorcycle license for at least 24 months, and hold a full and valid motorcycle license for riding. The vehicle renter must produce his/her current driving license before commencing a rental. Vehicle renters must not have had any driving disqualifications or license suspensions in the last 2 years or have had their insurance contract revoked or canceled by an insurance company for any type of vehicle.

13.2. Croatia Moto Adventure rental vehicles shall be driven exclusively by the riders who appear on the rental contract. The vehicle is non-transferable. It is valid only for the period and persons specified in the rental contract.

13.3. The vehicle renter must not:

– Use the vehicle for any illegal purpose.

– Overload the vehicle.

– Use the vehicle if he/she may reasonably be considered unfit to drive.

– Use the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

– Use the vehicle for racing, speed testing, or teaching to drive.

– Use the vehicle off-road or on racetracks.

– Use the vehicle for carrying fare-paying passengers.

14.1. In the case of the vehicle’s theft or any damage, the vehicle renter agrees to inform Croatia Moto Adventure without delay and no later than 24h of the incident.

14.2. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the vehicle renter must not admit responsibility. The vehicle renter should get the names and addresses of everyone involved incl. witnesses. The vehicle renter should also make the vehicle secure and tell the police without delay if anyone is injured or if there is a disagreement over who is responsible.

14.3. The vehicle renter agrees to inform Croatia Moto Adventure without delay and no later than 24 hours of the accident. The vehicle renter shall send Croatia Moto Adventure by registered mail a copy of the jointly filed accident report as well as a written declaration describing the circumstances of the accident and the identity of the parties involved in the accident.

14.4. Vehicles come with a breakdown cover. In the event of a breakdown, the vehicle renter agrees to inform Croatia Moto Adventure without delay and no later than 24h.

15.1. Croatia Moto Adventure provides rental equipment such as navigation systems, motorcycle luggage, and helmets. Any missing or damaged equipment supplied by Croatia Moto Adventure to the vehicle renter will be paid for by the vehicle renter.

15.2. Rentals start and finish at Croatia Moto Adventure in Split, Croatia. At extra cost, Croatia Moto Adventure offers a motorcycle delivery and pick-up service.

16.1. If the vehicle renter cancels the agreement between 90 days and 7 days prior to rental, Croatia Moto Adventure retains 20% of the total rental price. If the vehicle renter cancels the agreement less than 7 days prior to rental, Croatia Moto Adventure retains 100% of the rental price. No exception to this policy can be made.

16.2. In case of cancellation by Croatia Moto Adventure, any vehicle renter payment will be refunded or the booking moved to a later date.

16.3. Croatia Moto Adventure is not required to make refunds once rental commences regardless of the reason for vehicle renters being unable to complete his or her rental. Croatia Moto Adventure cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

16.4. In case of any force majeure or government travel restrictions regarding COVID-19, any vehicle renter payment will be refunded or the booking moved to a later date.

17.1. Croatia Moto Adventure has the right not to enter into the rental agreement if the vehicle renter:

– Does not sign the Rental Terms and Conditions contract.

– Does not provide an appropriate driving license.

– Does not provide Croatia Moto Adventure with evidence of his personal accident and medical insurance valid in Croatia.

– Does not authorize his credit card company for the damage deposit and the rental charges.

Failure to fulfill the above conditions gives Croatia Moto Adventure the right to keep the reservation deposit plus a €50 cancellation fee by the vehicle renter.

17.2. Once the rental contract has been signed, Croatia Moto Adventure retains the right to terminate the agreement discretionarily and without notice in case of:

– Non-compliance with the vehicle renter’s responsibilities –Section 8

– Non-compliance of a renter with the insurance obligations – Section 11

– Non-compliance of a renter with rental contract conditions – Section 12

– Abuse of the vehicle by the renter, e.g. burnouts, wheelies, etc.

In case of termination of the contract, Croatia Moto Adventure will secure the provided vehicle immediately. Pick-up costs of €2 per kilometer, a €50 contract termination fee plus any required mechanical repairs to the vehicle will be charged.

Verbal changes of contract are invalid unless confirmed in writing by Croatia Moto Adventure. Should any parts of the Rental Terms & Conditions become invalid, this does not invalidate the remainder of the contract.

19.1. Any photographic material produced by Croatia Moto Adventure or its representatives are the property of Croatia Moto Adventure. The copyright remains with Croatia Moto Adventure. Croatia Moto Adventure can use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes without any charge from the vehicle renter arising for Croatia Moto Adventure.

19.2. Croatia Moto Adventure will hold and use some of the vehicle renter’s personal information in order to perform this contract with the vehicle renter. From time to time, Croatia Moto Adventure may make the vehicle renter’s personal information available to the Allaboard company for business administration purposes. The user has the right to access any information concerning yourself and to demand its deletion or change by contacting Croatia Moto Adventure – see Section 1.

The Court of jurisdiction is Split, Croatia.

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