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Hi dear bro biker, welcome to our website. We are motorcycle travel lovers, Balkan curvy roads experts and of course motorcycle enthusiasts. We decided to combine our love to sunny Croatian curvy roads, great nature and motorcycles.

Since we consider Croatia is heaven on Earth for every biker, filled with thousands of kilometers of sunny and mountain curvy roads and impressive sceneries embraced with an average of 2700 sunny hours per year, we could say even “our obligation is to share it with you”.
Our motorcycle rental agency equipped with the most significant, latest, and most famous motorbikes, medium and big-size all-rounders for sure will fulfill all your wishes to enjoy at the fullest in the discovery of Croatian islands, roads, and Balkan scenery.
Our base is our hometown Split (Croatia), built on Roman ruins with 1700 years of rich history, today is the biggest city on the eastern part of the glorified Adriatic sea, connected to the rest of the world with modern highway, international ferry port and of course airport, makes the great starting/ending point of your unforgettable Croatian motorcycle adventure.


Our primary concern is the maintenance of our motorcycles. Extreme care is given to the constant technical correctness of our vehicles so that they are always in the best safety edition to provide superior driving pleasure.

  • Regular maintenance of motorcycles
  • Wide selection of popular vehicles
  • Motorbike fleet is refreshed every year with new models
  • 24 hours support
  • Motorcycle delivery
  • Available additional services


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