You have two days to spend in Dalmatia by motorbike?

Where to go? Which roads to take, which not to take?

Here are a few ideas on how to make that two days memorable with a bunch of cool Instagram photos 🙂

Idea 1

Note: Click on “More Options” inside Google Maps and choose the “avoid tolls” option. 🙂

Day 1: Split – Knin – NP Plitvice

After a good sleep and a champions breakfast (breakfast suggestion: eggs with bacon and onion) 🙂  Departure from Split (or any other Dalmation town/place). Heading by state road 1, which is the old main road connecting the South of Croatia with the North of Croatia. Since we have a modern highway, this road is pretty much empty, and nice for riding. The first stop is the old town of Knin. Drink a coffee in a medieval fortress and breath some refreshing cool and clean air while enjoying the amazing scenery. Watch out, the entrance parking road to the fortress is pretty steep, so be careful when turning around the motorcycle (learn from our mistakes 🙂 ). After the break, continue by the same state road 1 heading to Zagreb, towards Croatian oldest and biggest National park Plitvice. Enjoy the rest of the day in untouched nature, waterfalls, and lakes. Take a good dinner and just two beers for a proper sleep :), in one of the many surrounding authentic restaurants. Good night.

Day 2: Military Air Base Željava – Karlobag – Zadar – Split

After a proper sleep and a solid breakfast, day number two can start. Today, in the first place go to the nearby destroyed and abandoned Military Airbase Željava. Mindblowing experience. Airbase hidden inside the mountain – enough said. Just go, and check it out. Thank me later. 🙂
The rest of the day is reserved for the great riding roads of Dalmatia. Go to Karlobag, via Gračac.
In this stage, you are crossing Velebit mountain (road 25) and getting to the coastline – the famous Adriatic highway, road E65. Enjoy the curves and great asphalt. On one side there is a monster steep mountain above your head, and on the other side, there is the glorious Adriatic sea with hundreds of islands following you. Pure romance.
Visit Zadar, eat lunch, get ice cream, and coffee, and some amazing photos downtown Zadar. Don’t miss the modern Monument to the Sun and Sea Organ.
Continue riding along the Adriatic highway, enjoy the scenery and great asphalt, stopping whenever to take cool photos and make video calls to your beloved ones. 🙂
Note here, when passing through small villages during the summer season, drive carefully because there are holiday houses by the road, and sometimes not very careful, or tired tourists that are entering or exiting the parking lots by the road.
Arrival in Split in the late afternoon hours.

Find your perfect ride and Just ride on!

Idea 2

Day 1 

Split – Knin – Gospić – Kuterevo – Northern Velebit National park (Zavižan peak) – Krasno

Day 2

Krasno – Sveti Juraj – Starigrad – Zadar – Split

Idea 3

Day 1 

Split – (ferry to Vela Luka) – Korčula

Day 2

Korčula – Pelješac road – Adriatic highway – Split

Idea 4

Day 1 

Split – Dubrovnik

Day 2

Dubrovnik – Mostar – Split

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