Does Croatia has good roads for motorcycling?


A small Mediterranean country created for big joys, especially if you are a motorcyclist and like kilometers of winding roads of quality asphalt, with beautiful nature, sea and mountains.

You are in the right place.

Although Croatia looks small on the map, it still has thousands and thousands of kilometers of open roads, both along the coast from north to south, called the Adriatic Highway (E65), and through the inland of Croatia, between the mountain and national parks stretches the old main state road – Lika highway (D1).

More good news for motorcyclists and all fans of panoramic motorbike rides – a large, safe, modern highway (A1) was built from Zagreb to Ploče – of course, not for bikers, cars are going there on that boring road and leave all curvy nice roads for us – bikers. So, all cars, buses and other distractors drive on the A1 highway leaving much more room for beautiful motorcycle adventure right on the state road and other local roads. Thus, most car traffic takes place on the motorway, especially in summer, which means that there is not much congestion on regional roads, especially in the inland. The main Lika highway thus remains more or less empty and free to enjoy on two wheels, passing through bends with a smile on its face under its helmet.

Is there a "motorcycle season" in Croatia?

A topic that will never get an answer that all motorcyclists agree with.

The brave will say,

“There is no bad weather, only bad equipment.”

While this saying makes sense, let’s leave winter for the brave for now.

Certainly, this will not be a problem for us because in Dalmatia, especially along the Adriatic Sea, the Adriatic highway is more than 500 km long and is sunny most of the year. Official average of sunny hours per year in Croatia is 2700 hours. Yes, that is a fact. Very often even December is sunny, especially in Dalmatia, meaning from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Ok, let’s not exaggerate, it can be winter in Croatia, sometimes. 😊

However, one can really ride the bike comfortably from March to the end of October.

March is traditionally the month in which Croats in Dalmatia (southern, sea part of Croatia) archive winter clothes. Nice and pleasant times are coming, ideal conditions for riding a motorcycle are starting. Nice weather, the day is getting longer, it’s not too hot, there are no tourists dragging themselves along the road like snails looking for their apartment. So, the ideal time to enjoy long motorbike rides and explore new destinations is spring and late summer. These conditions last from March to the end of June and from the end of August until the end of October. July and August are hot and sunny, but also the best for swimming and enjoying at fullest in Croatian benefits such as sandy beaches, secluded coves or even sleeping under the open sky.

Certainly, whenever you decide to visit Croatia and enjoy riding a motorcycle, you will not make a mistake as long as you stay on the south side of Velebit, in Dalmatia. 😊

Croatia's best motorcycle roads

„Roads where a smile is on the face under the helmet all the time“

The main routes, the longest sections with good asphalt for the best motorcycling are the main Croatian regional roads (later on we’ll get to detailed suggested motorcycling routes):

Most famous parts of best motorcycling roads in Croatia

Northern part of the Adriatic Highway E65

(Senj – Karlobag – Starigrad)

The most famous and popular road for motorcyclists in Croatia is definitely the northern part of the Adriatic Highway from Senj to Starigrad – new asphalt, sparsely populated, and therefore generally poorly trafficked with a beautiful landscape – on the one hand along the whole way the impressive mountain Velebit and on the other side the Adriatic Sea and islands. Driving bathed in the sun all the way.

However, one important note: it is necessary to follow the weather forecast because the whole route is located below the mountain Velebit, a place that gives birth to the strongest wind in Croatia called Bura. Northeast wind blowing unevenly in gusts. Its power can sometimes be over 150km / h. Of course, this does not happen often, several times a year times really strong, uncomfortable and dangerous, so it is just necessary to check the weather forecast and HAK road conditions before driving.

Southern part of the Adriatic highway E65

(Omis – Makarska)

Similar to the northern part – popular with local bikers because it offers good, quality asphalt, with plenty of sun and not so many populated places on the way. I emphasize only this part of the highway because the only one is not full of small populated places along the highway and offers the possibility of higher speeds without the danger of a careless car driver jumpnig into the road behind a blind bend.

So the rest of the Adriatic Highway, as perfect as it was to drive due to the landscape and the constant bends, is quite heavy traffic, especially during the summer months and around cities. During the peak of the summer season, we advise you to choose roads in the inland of Croatia that are much empty and more passable, and therefore much safer and more comfortable to drive.

More roads coming soon…

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